About Us

I am literally Katherine Heigl from 27 dresses (nearly).

During my 12th proposal of being a bridesmaid I realised there was something big missing in the market. A one shop stop for bridal favours and bridesmaid gifts. So i thought, surely I can be considered an expertise in this market by now so why not create "that shop" for other lucky ladies who have the blessing of being a bridesmaid for their special friend. 

Every single time I have been a bridesmaid I have absolutely loved it. And as they say if you find something you are passionate about, Monday will be your favourite day of the week. Bride to Be NZ allows me to do what I love, and what is done in love is done well.

Who is better then a Best friend to be in business with? I sat down for a drink with my friend and shared the idea and here we are today, up and running. We are truly passionate about our business and that shows in every gift we send out. It’s a beautiful thing when career and passion come together.

We are both New Zealand born and raised and lived in Auckland our entire lives. And just to add, we are absolutely dying to be each others Bridesmaids!

We try our best to source our products locally, and with the current pandemic our aim is to support local businesses.We are continuously adding to our product catalogue and customise them to make them look unique. This is just the beginning and it’s only going to get better from here, we just know it. We are not here just to make an income we are here to help you make an impact.

Bride to Be NZ believe in creating life long memories. Our proposal boxes include everything to make your bridesmaid jump with excitement and create personalised gifts they can cherish forever.

You are not just buying goods from us, you are buying memories and happiness. Thank you for dropping by and showing us your support.