Groomsman Proposals!

The Groom's Tribe is just as important as the Bride Tribe! Show the lads some love with personalised groomsman proposals.

Groomsman proposals are a fun and thoughtful way to invite your friends or family members to be a part of your wedding party as groomsmen. Similar to bridesmaid proposals, groomsman proposals involve asking individuals to stand by your side and support you on your wedding day. Here are a few ideas for groomsman proposals:

  1. Personalized Gifts: Consider giving each potential groomsman a personalized gift that reflects their interests or hobbies. It could be something like a custom engraved flask, a personalized pocket knife, or a monogrammed tie. Attach a note or card asking them to be your groomsman.

  2. Surprise Invitation: Organize a surprise gathering or outing with the potential groomsmen. It could be a dinner, a game night, or a weekend getaway. During the event, present them with a special invitation or a small gift, asking them to be your groomsmen.

  3. Customized Proposal Boxes: Put together proposal boxes for each groomsman. Fill them with items like their favorite snacks, a personalized note, a photo of the two of you, and perhaps a small accessory related to your wedding theme. You can either hand-deliver the boxes or have them delivered to their homes.

  4. Groomsmen Survival Kits: Put together survival kits for each groomsman, including items like aspirin for the hangovers, mini flasks, funny socks, and a personalized note explaining that their survival skills will be needed on the wedding day.


Remember, the goal is to make your groomsman proposals personal and meaningful. These proposals are a special and personal gesture to show your appreciation for their friendship and support.